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About | Leapfame
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Leapfame is a social discussion forum where people meet and discuss about everyday activities, share ideas, opinions, experience, ask and answer questions etc. you can use Leapfame as a guest or as a registered user with benefit. Guest mode is limited to read only while registered user can create topics, comment and like topics, send message to other users.

Leapfame was created on 19 February 2012, by Godwin Silas, and the domain name Leapfame.com was registered on 8 November 2012. Later in 26 June 2014 Leapfame became fully dedicated social forum.

What You Can Do On Leapfame
Write review on how you feel about a product
Share your travel experience
Share photos with stories
Ask or answer question
Share ideas and more.


Profile: contain few information about you, which is used to generate your account. Note: these information is not share with any third party or shown to anyone except the default view or if you chose to so.
Topics: is the general form of sharing information on Leapfame which you can create, or you can read comment or like other topics created by other users.
Inbox: this where you receive and send message to other user on Leapfame.
Notice: the notice page contain all your notification including your mentions.
Follow: this gives you the privilege to receive notice on a followed topic with updates.
Reply: reply link lead you to a page where you can write your opinion on a discuss topic
Recent: contains the list of topics recently created.
Trending: contain list of topics with updates (comment) plus recently created.
Popular: Topics with the highest numbers of view.
Featured: these are few selected topics featured on the home page.
Delete/Edit: Leapfame gives users the option to delete or edit own topic or comment, please this must be used with caution in order not to abuse it. Note: any topic featured cannot be deleted or edited by the author.