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Terms | Leapfame
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This page contain the agreement between users (You) and Leapfame (Us). This Terms bound the use of this site (both the register and the guest users) so please read and understand these Terms always (in case of changes) before use. Please know that we have the right to update (delete, add or edit) these Terms at any time without prior notice. Though changes will always appear on this page with date of modification specified with date of effect. If you are not ok with our agreement you are free and also have the right to discontinue the use of this site right away. If there for you continue using this site after now or future changes, it means your compliance to our Terms, so thanks you.

1. You have read and agree with the new changes of our Terms and you still want to continue using Leapfame.
2. You agree that you are 13 years and above.
3. You agree not to use any script to generate follow, likes, comment, topics or to collect information for other use.
a. Your information supplied are accurate.
b. You are responsible to everything attached to your account and will be held responsible if matter arise.
c. That we have the right to suspend (ban) your account, or remove anything attached to your account if found harassing, spamming, insulting or against our Terms and Privacy Policy without your prior notice.
5. Your account does not impersonate anyone, either a public figure, team, group, association, brand or product, a company or organization unless as a representative or a social representative of the aforementioned. If otherwise we have the right to suspend your account unless evidence provided.
6. You agree to protect your account against any intended attack on Leapfame, must not sell to any bidder either for business or any reason however.
a. You must not upload a photo without the approval or right of the owner, or post anything be it in any form without the permission of owner (better put a link back, source or credit).
b. You must not insult any user.
c. Your post most be articulate and free of errors, such as misspellings or use of shorthand.
d. Off topic comment, this is a case of sharing an opinion not in any way connected to the discuss topic, either to derail or to divert the attention of users or as a method of spamming. This will lead to ban.
e. Discussion or promotion of GLBT or LGBT in any form is highly forbidden and it will be removed without prior notice.
f. You must not share a misleading, inaccurate, false, discriminating, abusive, harassing, threatening, pornographic or sexually oriented, topics offensive or anything that will incite hate among users, tribes or races. We have the right to remove this without prior notice if reported. Note: this may not be remove automatically or immediately, due process must be followed.
g. Your account or anything attached does not in any way violate the 1999 Constitution of The Federal Republic of Nigeria or international law on standard practice, however Nigeria law may overrule if any.
8. Leapfame topics may contain external links, please visit this site at your own risk.
9. You are responsible for whoever you are interacting with via inbox or transaction made through the forum.
10. You agree Leapfame Administrators and Moderators have the right to ban, close, move, remove any topics or comment not in accord with our Terms.
11. Leapfame is govern and protected by the Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.