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POETRY; Political Aristocrat By Sir Patrick.

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POETRY; Political Aristocrat By Sir Patrick. by
ArtistG.A.S . male On Aug 9, 2017


Those men in our society that have chosen to be a hard nut to crack
Making the common man look dirt cheap and never wish that their head should be above water

They are confined to the seat of wealth,power and luxuries
Making them scorned and irritating
Their words are just like water off a ducks back.

I think its time we go off the deep end with them
Because we are tired of them getting on our nerves and we are being told to smile when we are suffering.

The set time is now that the land is in despair,dilapidated and shambles
We have to take the fish in trouble waters
We have to make our voice loudly heard and let it spread like wild fire.
And I believe with these we can scrape something meaningful together.

©sir Patrick

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