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Photo: Man Who Baths And Clothes Mad People On The Streets Of Accra

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Photo: Man Who Baths And Clothes Mad People On The Streets Of Accra by
Godwinsilas . male On Oct 1, 2017

A middle aged man in Ghana has resolved to making life a better place for several mentally challenged men and women roaming the streets of Accra. Emmanuel Anobil does this by bathing and clothing these people.

Everywhere he goes, he tends to change the lives and environment of mentally challenged people. Anobil, has taken it upon himself to care for mad men and women on the streets of Accra, Ghana.

On a daily basis, Emmanuel drives through town searching for a mentally deranged person to not only bathe but also clothes with clean, ironed outfits.

He was recently caught on camera during which he recounted how risky his job continues to be as he wins the heart and soul of several Ghanaians who often stand by and cheer him on as he gives these patients a good bath.

Mental health remains one of the most troubling health concerns in the country with the only psychiatric hospital in the city of Accra said to have ran out of logistics and medical staff.

He also revealed that his only challenge remains how best to get access to clean water to help bathe these mentally deranged persons.

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