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Teen, Desperately Begs Court, Wants To Be Sent To Prison (See Why)

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Teen, Desperately Begs Court, Wants To Be Sent To Prison (See Why) by
Godwinsilas . male On Oct 3, 2017

A 23-year-old homeless teen who suffers from brain tumor, has desperately pleads with court to lock him up in order to celebrate his birthday in a warm place.

Bradley Grimes from Middlesbrough, who has been living in home care since he was 7 reportedly appeared in court a day earlier to answer to breaking four-month suspended jail sentence for knife offence, a sentence that he now wants so badly.

“At least in prison I will wake up on my birthday somewhere warm,” Grimes says.

However, probation officer told court, presided by Judge Simon Bourne-Arton , that they had been trying to help the Grimes in the best way possible.

The judge, in response, argued that awarding the young man a short sentence could mean that he will be back to the streets soon.

Meanwhile, Grime will stay in custody as he awaits his fate. Though his wish to celebrate his birthday in prison has been granted, while the case has been adjourned until 9th October.

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