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PDP, SDP, New APC, 36 Other Parties Forms Alliance Against Buhari

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PDP, SDP, New APC, 36 Other Parties Forms Alliance Against Buhari by
Godwinsilas . male On Jul 10, 2018

Plans to unseat president Muhammadu Buhari got thicker as 39 political parties including PDP, SDP, and the new APC which is now called Refored-APC signed a Memorandum of Understanding at a meeting held in Musa Yar Adua Event Center in Abuja.

The sole aim of this coalition according to the MOU signed, is to produce one Presidential candidate capable of winning in the next general election coming up 2019.

Among the political parties that signed the agreement are Action Alliance, Alliance for Democracy, Africa Democratic Party, Action Democratic Party, All Grand Alliance Party, Action Peoples Party and Advanced Congress of Democrats.

Those who signed included Better Nigeria Progressive Party, Democratic Alternative, Democratic Peoples Party, Grand Democratic Party of Nigeria, Green Party of Nigeria, KOWA Party, Labour Party, Mass Action Joint Alliance, and Masses Movement of Nigeria.

Others are the National Conscience Party, New Generation Party, National Unity Party, Peoples Alliance for National Development and Liberty, Peoples Progressive Party, People for Democratic Change, Peoples Democratic Party, Providence People’s Congress, Reformed All Progressive Congress, Restoration Party of Nigeria, Social Democratic Party, Unity Party of Nigeria, All Grassroots Alliance, National Interest Party, Nigeria Democratic Congress Party, Progressive Peoples Alliance, and Young Democratic Party, among others.

All the chairmen of the concerned political parties signed the Memorandum including the Reformed All Progressives Congress, which is a splinter group from the ruling party, APC led by Alhaji Buba Galadima.

Also, another pressure group known as the Nigeria Intervention Movement, equally appended it’s signature to the agreement.

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