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How To Create A Blog Using WordPress Or Blogger | Leapfame
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How To Create A Blog Using WordPress Or Blogger

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How To Create A Blog Using WordPress Or Blogger by
Godwinsilas . male On Aug 2, 2018

Recently I've be getting a lot of request from people who want me to create a blog for them, but unfortunately they are not willing to pay. So I have decided to write this post, so it can help many to set up a blog by just reading.

People wants to create a blog because they wanna started making money, it seems a sure way of making money online. Well that's right. But there are a lot of things you should know, including what blog is all about, how to make money from your blog and what niche you should stick to.

For now let's focus on creating a blog, if you read this post and follow instructions carefully, at the end of it you will be able to set up a blog by yourself using the popular platform of either Blogger or WordPress.

Creating A Blog Using WordPress

WordPress is one of the best if not the best blogging platform today. Its an open source software which made it possible to offer varieties of flexible functions and customization with freemium and premium plugins easy to download and install. On the other hand a User Interface (UI) using easy to download and install fremium and premium themes.

How To Set Up WordPress
Using WordPress can either be free or paid, you can chose to host it on your server or their server (self-hosted WordPress.org or the free and paid WordPress.com hosting service).

Assuming you want it free, and you're also hosting it on their server, goto WordPress.com and create your account. Enter your name and Email address and other required details.

Step 1. Enter The Required Details
Fill in your site name (which will serve as site title eg Leapfame Social Forum).
Next Field, enter site description (what your site is about eg discussion forum)
Next your site goals, can be promotion, information sharing or training. Just mark any option that best describe your site goals.
Click Continue to step 2.

Step 2. Choose Your Site Address
Your site address is a name people from different location can use to access your site, example is Leapfame. Then it goes with a domain extension (.com is a popular one), if you already have a registered domain click on ‘already own a domain?’ otherwise enter your desire domain name in the search field, if available select and continue to step 3.

But if you don't have money, you can go for subdomain that's you have something like yoursitename.worpress.com. Scroll down and select to continue to step 3.

Step 3. Select A Plan
Here you are given an option to select a WordPress plan, either paid (personal, premium or business) or free. Whatever your choice is click to continue to step 4 which is the final step.

Step 4. Final Setup
Enter your email, choose a username and password, then click continue.

Installing WordPress Via Softaculus
How about you want to host it on your server? That's you've already bought a hosting plan.

Here you need to get a domain and a web hosting plan which will cost you few naira, depending on your hosting provider and your domain registrar. Some hosting plan comes with free domain though.

So I'll assume you've gotten a host, login to your Control Panel (Cpanel) scroll down to locate softaculus which is always at the bottom of your Cpanel, depending on your host (some just display the website softwares). Softaculus offers a wide rage of already made open source website softwares including WordPress. All you need is just a click to install. Fill in the required details and you're good to go. Your WordPress site will be up and running live.

You will have access to free theme and plugins as well as paid ones.

That's it you've just learn how to create a blog using WordPress.

Creating A Blog Using WordPress

BlogSpot is a blogging platform powered by Google that allows you to create a free blog, but with limitations. Unlike WordPress, it's not an open source, but has some advantages over WordPress. As managed by Google team, blogger is filled with varieties of functions. Some of these functions are Security – it's somehow secured more than WordPress, and also, the ability to easily implement AdSense code.

How To Set Up Blogger
Using blogger or blogspot is totally free, except buying of premium template. And it's hosted for free by Google. So to create your blog, sign in to Blogger using your Google account (Gmail). If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create one for free.

After sign in, click the Down arrow on the left side.

Click New blog.

Enter a name for your blog.

Enter your blog address, or URL (your domain name if you have).

Choose a template.

Click on Create blog.

That's all, now you've learn how to create blog using WordPress and blogspot. If you're having any issues or you've got any question, feel free to ask. Just click on reply to add your comments.

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