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Photos: Truck Exploded On Highway In Italy Kills 2, Injures About 67

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Photos: Truck Exploded On Highway In Italy Kills 2, Injures About 67 by
Godwinsilas . male On Aug 7, 2018

At least 3 people have been confirmed dead whiles about 67 others sustained injuries as truck carrying flammable material exploded on Monday on a highway near the northern city of Bologna, Italy.

Marco Granna, a spokesman for the local health agency in Bologna confirmed that 55 people were taken to the hospital for treatment of first-, second- and third-degree burns.

However the Italian Police report says; the accident and subsequent fire and explosion injured between 60 and 70 people, some with severe burns. some officers were said to have sustained injuries by flying glass when windows in a nearby barracks burst.

Footage of the blast scene showed flames rising up in the air, with a thick cloud of black smoke. The explosion ripped through the highway, leaving huge holes in the road surface.
Officials said they are yet to know what was inside the truck’s tanks, but Italian prosecutors said the tanker was filled with liquefied petroleum gas, otherwise known as propane, used as a fuel in heaters, cooking equipment and vehicles.

The accident closed down a key section of a major north-south highway that is heavily used year-round, but especially as Italy heads into next week's peak summer holiday travel period.

Italy's infrastructure and transport minister, Danilo Toninelli, said authorities were working to ensure that traffic would be able to move smoothly "on such a critical stretch."

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