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Should I Quit School, What Are My Chances As A Dropout? | Leapfame
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Should I Quit School, What Are My Chances As A Dropout?

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Should I Quit School, What Are My Chances As A Dropout? by
tomkyz . male On Sep 2, 2018

The questions asked in the title is not frequently searched on the internet but it is always a reasonable idea in the mind of most students. Why am I in school, What is to gain from attending classes? School sucks right? I don’t do school, what am I still doing at school? I have a bigger dream, I'm not supposed to be here, is school delaying my future? I don’t think I am smart, I wanna be like Aliko Dangote, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg (See why these men were successful at the end of this article) and other Successful dropouts. These questions usually come out of curiosity, misleading figures, wrong information and ignorance. A dropout is a term used to describe a student or a person who could not or did not complete his or her academic session required by the state/law.

The question of quitting school is not much of a brand-new innovation in the minds of students. In fact, research shows that 79% of student with poor grades consider this decision as the best course of action for them, but before you consider quitting school, you ought to ask yourself this one thing, is quitting school in your best interest or are you ready to face life without the requires academic standards. A student often consider the idea of quitting college to pursue his start up idea or a business offer. Well, to be honest, it’s actually not a bad, devastating and absurd idea besides Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Aliko Dangote, Evan .S. Thomas (CEO Snapchat inc) and many others. Recently, I saw another message on a social media platform from a law student asking whether it’s justified to glorify school dropouts or idolize them, After all they are the greatest people in the world. The answer to this question would be stated in the end of this article but here are 5 good reasons why you should not quit school.

1. Education guarantees your survival:

Education is as important as life itself, Even most animals value the essence of education. Lions take there cubs hunting in order to teach the secret of a successful hunt, elephant teaches their calf the essence mud on their skin, hen teaches their chicks where to find the best grubs and mooch. As human, denying oneself of education is suicide. More like going to war without weapons and body armor.
The history books of ancient Israel reveals that when King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Israel he took only the best of the kingdom and “ certain children with no blemish, skillful in wisdom and cunning in knowledge” (Dan 1:3-4). This event happened over 3,000years ago. Now what did you think happened to the dullards and village simpletons. Quitting school without a firm survival plan is a validating acceptance of a new status as a failure and a simpleton.

2. Education is essential and a vital element of life:

We live in a modern world which complexity increases every minute. So, the people who are usually sought after are people of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence, In plain words, people who graduate top of the class without using illicit means. In plain words, people`who knows what they are doing.
For example, Ben Carson. In his best selling book “You have a Brain”, in chapter two, he stated that he was tested by his teacher, when a really hard surprise quiz was set. The whole class left the hall but he refused to back down. Today, Dr Benjamin Carson is a world renowned Neurosurgeon and one of the best at it if not the best. If you don’t hold a degree or two (any special skill required for communal development (programming, communication skills, ability to solve problems etc), you’ll be left behind.

3. School is more than an investment:

In case you don’t know your school fees, tuition fees and other academic payment made by your ward/parent were not out of ignorance neither did they choose to spend excessively. But they saw greatness in you and choose to enhance those capabilities by sponsoring your education.
Even private/public companies and even state and federal government award scholarship to the “BEST PARTICIPATING STUDENT”, this is because their performance were outstanding and deserve to be given world-class attention. This investment unlike other investment you choose the outcome (your educational standards is not determined by your finance, economic standard, language barriers, weather and other hindrances and barriers). But you as a focused student determine both variable and output.

4. Education is an emergency kit:

The world is packed with surprises. You plan to quit school to start up a job because their have been constant increase in unemployment rate for the past decade. This decision is so wrong and unethical. What guarantee do you have that you would succeed? Why do you get a degree, further your education to Masters or PhD level to increase your chances of securing your dream job nationally or internationally. Besides, time heals and when jobs are created, you will be called to fill in those vacant spaces. Beside, your best connections are likely to be seal in college when:
You meet recruiters and hiring managers and companies executives through school-sponsored “company days,” project defence, portfolio reviews, and guest lectures etc. You get ideas directly from from instructors, life coaches, career counselors, and other advisers. Your peers in school become your biggest market and your own private network of “industry connections” as they start securing jobs in the industry after graduation. Believe me, it is a whole lot better than looking for an oasis in the desert.

5. Education is Important:

We live in a world where the society values good grades, certificates and academic standard as an attribute of success. In this scenario, crowd mentality is not actually wrong beside knowledge is power.

Here is a small list of benefits you enjoy after completing your education

1. Finishing school can help you get a better job, faster, by building your portfolio and your professional network.
2. College trains your and imparts important skills and knowledge for the career you choose after completing your academic sessions.
3. Finishing school can help you be more successful in your career, by requiring you to learn and build skill areas you wouldn’t develop on your own.
4. Graduating with a degree takes a lot of the “luck” out of starting a successful career – not to mention, many entry-level jobs require it.
5. College is that time where naive young people learn to be adults in their own right.

Now about Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs – the list goes on. “If they can do it, why can’t I?”
Well President Donald Trump said when he finished college “My father gave me a small loan of one million dollars”. Same story can be applied to Aliko Dangote. Most successful entrepreneur quit schooling because their venture were clashing with their school work and they choose to their objectives over academic standards and it paid off. They threw their dice and hit the snake eyes you might not have the same fate. In fact, Every year, over 1.2 million students drop out of high school in the United States alone. That's a student every 26 seconds – or 7,000 a day. About 25% of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time. But less than 20% of them are recorded success (global standards). Keep your head down and complete college.



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