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Story: Crushed | Leapfame
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Story: Crushed

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Story: Crushed by
donsimoniiblog . male On Sep 5, 2018

I ran my fingers through my hair out of frustration. It was happening again,except that I really loved Elvis so much..meeting him was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. We just started dating and so far, it's been five months...never knew what made him dump me exactly but once more I read his text and felt like all the butterflies in my stomach had just died.
I rolled off my bed feeling like a complete failure. And then i remembered the second guy I was dating along side with Elvis (yeah I know what you're thinking but trust me.. Its complicated) Travis yeah...that's his name. Bad boy,sexy,had eyes that could make any woman his... At least he's still with me but I loved Elvis more.. Oh the devil knows I would do anything to get him back. I sluggishly walked to the bathroom to shower before anyone noticed I was crying even though I

looked like something that escaped from hell.
Ahhhhh the feeling of cold water on my skin eased me a bit and I think I believe it now when people say showers are the greatest therapists.
I had fifteen minutes to get ready for Quincy's party.. I promised her I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world.. That bitch has been with me through my thick and thin..times when I was good, she was there..even when I mess up, she'd still be there comforting and encouraging me. But I don't wanna talk to her 'bout Elvis, I won't be able yo survive 4 sentences without crying. I hated it whenever I got emotional in public. I got off the shower and to my room so I could find something Comfortable to wear to the party.
More memories of him kept coming, I turned up the volume of the music station to stop me from thinking about him. I want to forget him. I needed to.


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donsimoniiblog . male On Sep 5, 2018


I finally arrived at Quincy's after been held up by the traffic. It was damn hot and I regretted wearing a hoodie. I mean like, which normal 20 year old lady wears a hoodie to a party? Oh wait, I know; ME.. The hopelessly cute but not so cute Gabrielle who got dumped for no reason apparently.
"Hey girl!! I've missed you so much, why the hell haven't you called?" Her squeaky voice cuts in my thoughts.
"Oh! hey cupcake, I'm so sorry I've been caught up with work and my phone was dead. I'm really sorry. Happy birthday sweetie" I lie hugging her tightly and playfully hit her arm.
"Thanks bee, c'mon let's get in.. I have someone I want you to meet!" She tells me holding my hands, her blue eyes brightening up like a kid who's just been given a candy bar.
"Ohhhkay " I say awkwardly.
We giggled as we walked into the house, it was indeed a party. Except that I was tricked into coming early so I'd help her get things ready.
"Wow, Quinn I love everything about your house! It's so homey, so comfortable, so..."
"Quit the act Gaby, we both know you hate the pink paint" she cuts me before I finish my peccadillo.
"Oh please, black is a beautiful colour..yeah that reminds me, I'll be staying over for the weekends. I uh, need a break from things at home" I say gently pushing a hair behind my ear. I always did that whenever I'm worried, I can't seem to know why. I hoped she didn't notice but (sigh) I was wrong.
She gently dropped the glass cup in her hands, walked over to me " Gaby...what did he do?".
I looked at her, surprised at the words. Are you kidding me?? How on earth did she know its a guy problem? It's not just that but,how the hell?.
"Hey, if you don't wanna talk about it right now, its fine. I understand. It'll be alright okay baby girl?" She says hugging me.
"Thanks" I hug back.
Hours later, the house was filled with lotsa people. Hot, crazy people. Girls dressed in what I could barely call clothes, revealing their cleavages,Short leather shirts. The guys... Oh well at least they looked decent.
"I love you so much Gaby but you can't party in a hoodie and leggings.. Honestly, no no no girl. Uh uh". Quincy the fashion goddess states with her hands on her hip looking like one of those Fashion Police
I look at her then at my outfit then at her again and finally said " okay, perform your magic on me lady!".
Off we went to the dressing room, she picked out a black short gown and a black net leggings for me. Didn't like it at first but she's got quite a convincing tongue.
I was really good at making myself up so I did a light make up. Drew my brows, concealed 'em, put on a

light brown and black eye-shadow, hinged eyeliner, then a lip gloss(which I end up licking off) and viòla! I was looking alive again.We took some selfies then hurried down to the sitting room.
Quincy got a call and was all giggly. We managed to go through the crazy girls dancing to Run up by Major lazer and Nicki Minaj . Boy, do I love that song but I was in no mood for dancing right now.
Outside seemed so cold and I started to get the sudden need of my hoodie.
A car drove passed us into the garage while we just stood there waiting for God knows what.
"They're here!!" She said enthusiastically.
"Wait, who? What now?" I asked still trying to remember why I even followed her in the first place.
She laughed and dragged me along with her, walking over to the car.
A very fine thing came out of the driver's seat dressed in a suit( yeah a suit to a party... I hope she says something 'bout his outfit cause I can't be the only one in this fashion game)
His blonde hair that suited his skin tone. He was impeccable.
"Hey babe, I'm so sorry I'm late..I had to pick everyone else up and Chelsea here, took hours to get ready" he explains to her with a peck on her cheek.
She hugged him and shook her head.
A girl quite my age who I think might be Chelsea got out the car with two other guys.
"Oh! Pardon me, guys meet Gabrielle my sister from another mother. Gabrielle meet my boyfriend Edwin and his friends; Chelsea, Jake and Luke"
We all exchanged pleasantries before heading back inside. I must say, they seem fun to be with. We drank, talked and ate until Quincy and Edwin left us to have their Alone moment.
Jake was all around Chelsea which gave me the impression that they're dating. Well good for 'em. I found myself thinking about Elvis again. Then I took another sip at my drink, staring into thin air.
"Um.. sorry to stop your day dreaming but I need a direction to the toilet" A thick British accent made me freeze.
I fake a smile "n..no I... Wasn't day dreaming and besides, its 7:30pm" I say as polite as I can.
"Mmmh..I understand but please feel free, its your world" Luke says again and I noticed how hot he looked. His blue eyes, his brunette hair that fell slightly in his face, his perfect brows...Our kids would be angels.. Wait, what? Kids? Why? Would he? Even... I need to get away from here I think I'm having a reflex.
"Uhh.. Sorry. Yeah, toilet. Of course" I say finally standing up.
I had to take him there definitely. I wasn't good with giving people directions.
Not too long before the party was over and I was left to clean up alone because Quincy had to see her friends off. I managed to finish everything before she got back. She seemed pleased. Didn't stop complimenting my house cleaning skills.
We talked for a while about her relationship with Edwin, how they met and all then I got changed hugged her Goodbye and left her place by exactly 10:54pm. Lord knows I needed that Party. Need to loose some negative thoughts. I was tired as hell.
Immediately I got home, I took a shower, and went straight to bed.


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