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How To Start A VTU (Virtual Top Up) Service Business In Nigeria | Leapfame
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How To Start A VTU (Virtual Top Up) Service Business In Nigeria

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How To Start A VTU (Virtual Top Up) Service Business In Nigeria by
foster04 . male On Oct 18, 2018

In Nigeria today, one of the things that people spend money on and no matter how much it increases people will keep purchasing it is recharge cards. On a daily basis, the average Nigerian buys a ₦100 recharge card be it Glo, Airtel, MTN or 9mobile and if you calculate the amount you spend in one month it would amount to ₦3,100. This might look small but am talking of the average Nigerian but when you talk of top Nigerians that have to use calls to control their business and so on, they spend nothing less than a ₦ 1,000 daily multiply that.

People always want to get in touch with others maybe for a friendly conversation. To book an appointment, get information on a particular thing etc. making the use of recharge cards very important in our day to day lives.

Now a days, the process of recharging our phones has become easy as we no long have to walk to a recharge card seller to purchase it but through your bank or a website you can easily recharge without having to leave your home. Believe me the amount of money your bank and those websites you purchase recharge card from make per month is amazing and you can also tap into this as a VTU representative.

What Is VTU

VTU which means Virtual Top Up is a process by which you act as a vendor to help people recharge their phones without them having to go out to purchase any recharge card. I remember when mobile phone first entered Nigeria sim cards where sold for ₦ 10,000 but today you can get a sim card of any network for as low as ₦ 200. In Nigeria there are over 160 million active sim cards and a minimum of ₦ 1,000 is spent per month on recharge cards. When you do the maths, you will find out that telecommunication companies make billions of Naira on a monthly basis from recharge cards alone.

As a VTU vendor you can recharge for people any amount ranging from ₦ 100 to ₦ 1,000,000 and you earn %5 of all the recharge you make in a month. For you to be successful in this business you will have to put yourself out there so people can get in touch with you at any time therefore getting a good location is very necessary.

How To Start A VTU Service Business

Starting a VTU business is not as stressful as other businesses as you don’t need much to start, by attending VTU seminars and getting to learn from other VTU agents you also can successfully start your own business and make money from it. This business can be started with as low as ₦ 5,000 and if you serious you can scale it up to a million Naira businesses.

What Is Needed To Start This Business

There are certain things you would need to put in place before you can start this business and I will list them below

Register Your Business

I strongly believe that no matter the business you are venturing into you must register it with CAC. With this, you will be able to operate your business in any part of the country and be free from harassment from government officials.

Other Services You Can Provide As A VTU Agent

You can go from just recharge card sell to adding other services which may include

You can contact the various telecommunication companies to know how to become a VTU partner and always make sure you go through their terms and conditions before proceeding.


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