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Unknown Deadly Virus Killing People In Edo State | Leapfame
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Unknown Deadly Virus Killing People In Edo State

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Unknown Deadly Virus Killing People In Edo State by
Godwinsilas . male On Nov 23, 2018

There is currently an unidentified deadly virus killing people in some part of Edo state, the unknown virus is described as a type of Haemorrhagic Fever which has killed several people around Ehor, Igieduma, Uhunmwonde LGA Edo State, Nigeria.

Edo Virus (not official name) as reported so far is somehow related to Ebola Virus, has almost the same symptoms and kills quickly is only active in a part of Edo State. So for those who live in Edo state especially the aforementioned part of the state please take precautions while dealing with people during this time as the virus is highly contagious through physical-direct contact, it either by shaking, kissing or hugging with someone who is suffering from it.

Please be aware that this virus is yet unknown, as such it is hard to detect who is a victim, so kindly avoid hand shake with anyone as well as being cautious in the public areas.

Symptoms Of Edo Virus

Symptoms includes the following:

1. Fever

2. Strong body weakness, muscle pain

3. Eye redness

4. Low blood pressure

5. Noxebleed

6. Headache

7. Sore throat

8. Vomiting and running stomach

How To Protect Yourself From Edo Virus

Please read and follow these instructions carefully

1. Since the virus can be spread through handshakes and hugging, it is not advisable to do so until the sickness is eradicated.

2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Viruses can enter your body this way and can make you sick.

3. As we do not know who has this sickness, it is good to wash our hands with soap and water many times during the day, especially after coming in contact with others.

4. It is not advisable at this time to eat food from the same bowl or drink from the same cup as other people.

5. Avoid using public transportation as much as possible.

6. Exercise care if planning to attend funerals where people sometimes handle dead bodies. Those in especially affected areas may decide not to attend funerals where people died because of a sudden onset of a brief illness.

What To Do If You Feel Sick

1. If you or your children develop a fever, feel strong body weakness, muscle pain, eye redness, low blood pressure, noxebleed, headache and sore throat followed by vomiting and running stomach, you should go to the nearest hospital immediately.

2. Do not go to public place inoder to avoid spreading the virus.

3. Do not meet or visit anyone at home rather, call such ones on phone.

Disclaimer: Please be aware the information provided here may not be accurate as this Virus is still unknown to everyone as of the time of writing this report, symptoms and preventive measure provided here may also not be accurate. So please take caution as well as how you share this information.

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