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Emotion by Aduragbemileke | Leapfame
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Emotion By Aduragbemileke

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Emotion By Aduragbemileke by
ArtistG.A.S . male 8:36pm On Jan 20

..... Aduragbemileke

Episode 1

My name is Victoria Benson, a student of University of Lagos studying Biochemistry. I love what I found my hands doing. No one could describe how beautiful I am, I knew it. My curvy stature gives me desire, dancing around with my long wavy hair. I got new friends per day due to my generosity but none could see my wrongs. Sometimes, I wonder why males dances around me, they want to be around me may be because of my beauty I think... No, I was smart and intelligent too.

Sooner, I met Grace Akinsanya; that fair lady who could get your attention when she smiles, her dimples made her exceptional. She changed my mentality about school. I love her for her simplicity and sincerity, lover of the word, her kindness pleases me a lot. Grace will always say "you might have all but if you do not have Christ, you are nothing"..... Oh, I love her, she introduced me to the fellowship we both attended for our first three years on campus before the ordination of people to one particular post or the other came in. I became the bible study superintendent while Grace was the sisters coordinator.

Though, I never expected any post, May be God want to start his work on me thoroughly... This made me to be devoted to my bible as my second partner, then I could understand when God is speaking, I could hear his audible voice. But what went wrong? Was I able to maintain that standard? .........

Episode 2
..... Aduragbemileke

It was on a Friday evening in my room, I could perceive the sweet fragrance of my perfume all over her the room. Grace had dashed out to see one of her friends who came looking for her but she was out then, I had to drop the message for her when she came back.

I was alone in the room, lying on my soft silky bed with my thought, my mind travels far distance; what could have gotten my attention so deep?.... France?

Well, France was a friend, a good looking striking and impressive young lad, he was handsomely created that all ladies will want to have him. Though it was not a pleasant story at the beginning because I hated him for his insolent; may be because of the mood I saw him that day but that arrested my mind and I dislike him. If I must say, I have never seen such a friendly match France played with me the day I told him I don't like him. He was a good communicator on his own but his course complicated the issue, he studies mass communication, it really helped him in his field and ministry. Oh...., I didn't mention this, he attends the same fellowship with me, you know how it feels to be a friend to the almighty president of the fellowship, but it was never obvious because I do not get too attracted to him,,, I love my dignity.

How come am lost in thought about France, we are just friends, but he has captured my heart, just can't help myself with this pull of love I have towards him,... But just then, I heard a knock. Who could that be? I asked myself series of questions in just a second, I shouted at the top of my voice, you had better not come with your expensive joke, I said. I thought it was Grace, managed to be myself because right then, I was teetering, opening the door to see France ; I exclaimed twirling my hair around my fingers...

............ What next?

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