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How To Start A Party Rental Business In Nigeria In 2019 | Leapfame
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How To Start A Party Rental Business In Nigeria In 2019

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How To Start A Party Rental Business In Nigeria In 2019 by
foster04 . male 10:34am On Mar 22

Are you thinking of starting a party rental business but don’t know how to go about it? Not to worry, in this article I will be sharing with you the necessary steps needed to start this business.

Celebration is one of the things that bring people together whether it’s a birthday party, wedding ceremony, anniversary, Thanksgiving etc. and all these cannot be done without using some party rental equipment.

Starting a party rental business can be very profitable since Nigeria is a place where irrespective of the economic situation one gathering or the other takes place on a weekly basis making it a market that you can tap into right now.

Most times when people are organizing a party or event whether outdoor or indoor there are some certain equipment’s that they would need and since parties are held in families or organizations periodically the need to purchase those items may not be necessary so they turn to a party rental business to supply them.

The job of a party rental business is to rent chairs, tables, canopies, cooking gears etc. to event planners so as to ensure that invited guest are comfortable and the party is successful.

When it comes to starting a party rental business you are at an advantage as all you have to do is purchase the necessary equipment’s that you would need in this business and you can keep renting them to people over and over again.

Starting this business would require huge capital as you will have to buy the items you need in bulk most especially chairs and tables. The good thing about this business is that the more customers you get the faster it will be for you to recover your start-up capital and start making money.

Who Can Start A Party Rental Business

This business can be started by anyone as long as you have the capital to invest in it. Unlike other businesses that require your full attention, you can start a party rental business as a side hustle even if you have a full-time job as most of the events take place during weekends.

Why You Should Start A Party Rental Business

A party rental business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria and provides the right opportunity for you to grow and meet new people. Since only one source of income cannot meet your financial needs you can use it to support yourself and family. This business offers you the opportunity to fire your boss if you have a full-time job and become the boss of yourself. You can start this business from the comfort of your home as long as you have space in your compound to store your item.

Who Needs Your Service

The truth is everyone needs the service of a party rental business. Starting from families, next door neighbors, friends, schools, organization and so on. This gives you a wide customer base and poses a great opportunity to make lots of money.

Different Party Rental Business Ideas

You would be spending a fortune and find it difficult if you think of going into renting all the party equipment’s out there which is why it is advisable to start small and grow from there. For someone just starting out here are the different party rental business ideas you can choose from.

Chairs, Tables and Canopy Rental Business

This is the usual rental business most people know exist and it is also profitable. There is absolutely no occasion where guests are required to stand so the use of chairs and tables is inevitable. Canopies are also very important most especially when it is an outdoor event to protect guests from rainfall or sunshine. If you choose to go into this branch of rental business you will have to get enough chairs and tables with different shapes and colors.


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