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Important Notice To Leapfamers And None Leapfamers

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Important Notice To Leapfamers And None Leapfamers by
Godwinsilas . male On Jan 8, 2015

Good evening to you all, Am writting this to all Leapfamers and non Leapfamers. This is to make you understand, the purpose of Leapfame, which of course is to educates everyone about what is happening in our country Nigeria, Africa, and the world in general.

We can explore in the world of Science, Technology, Sport, Politics Health and other breaking news in Music, Fashion, Literature, Business, Culture, Religion, Relationship etc.

We therefore invite you all to join us and promote Leapfame to a place where we can rely on for vital information and a plateform to showcase the good things about Nigeria to the world and Nigerians in diaspora.

If you have registered you can also post your update, be it breaking news, shareable information, or experiance about your travel, review product, ask or answer questions. You can also make sugestions in order to improve Leapfame, and most importantly comments on topics to encourage those who post.

But if you have not register please use this opportuntity to register and also join us with this developement. Click Here To Register

Warm Regard.
Godwin Silas (Leapfame Admin).

How hard I've hustled, how hard I've tried, how I never gave up, how I wanna succeed.

general_d . male On Jan 10, 2015

thank you sir... well said

Julius . male On Oct 12, 2015

He said it all
.. Pls let try and comment.... Sooner or later i Share post the important of share, comment on leapfame... Stay conneted to leapfame..

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