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The First All Electric, Fully Enclosed Motorcycle (Video/Photos)

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The First All Electric, Fully Enclosed Motorcycle (Video/Photos) by
Godwinsilas . male On Jan 25, 2015

I just can't hold my breath seeing this great tech in Nigeria. Wishing we'll have something like this soon in my dear country.

This motocycle named C-1 was produced by Lit Motors Inc. Based in USA.

About C-1
The design vision includes an enclosed and self-balancing two-wheeled vehicle balanced by two single- gimbal CMGs, to be powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries. Design specifications
indicate that this could hold a second passenger, though no model or design pictures other than computer renderings show more than a single-passenger. The computer renderings of a two passenger model indicate that the tight space would not be suitable for long trips, as the area behind the driver's seat is very limited, especially in a semi-reclined position.

The original C-1 design has two wheels, but also includes a steering wheel. Direct-drive in-hub motors in both wheels were designed to provide a high amount torque, stability, and traction control, while allowing for body form much smaller than a car. The alpha prototype shows both wheels without direct drive, indicating that.

Watch videos below:

See pictures below.

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