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6 Tip That Will Make Reading An Interesting Experience | Leapfame
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6 Tip That Will Make Reading An Interesting Experience

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6 Tip That Will Make Reading An Interesting Experience by
THINKERSPOOL . male On Apr 9, 2016

6 Tips to Make Reading an Interesting Experience
Reading is not fun and we all know it, except it has become habit. What is fun about reading is that we are doing what is not fun to many and we love it. What is more fun about reading is that it opens new ways of creative thinking to us, it empowers you with the authority to speak and be heard, the public want to listen to readers because there are great contents in what they say. Your speeches are accompanied with wisdom.
Now, I want to let out little secrets that has enabled me consume 16 nonacademic books between May – December 2015. First, I never knew that I could become a fervent lover of literature not until last year. Most times that I read randomly, I could spend 2 months on a book, open and close syndrome was my greatest enemy. Anything that you practice for more than 3 months becomes a habit without a fuss. Top of my tips are;

1. ZEAL: I know right in my brain that I want to grant interviews to popular broadcasting corporations across the globe, I want to air my views about different topics that affect human life, I have watched so many great people interviewed in their personal libraries on Aljazeera stream and many other programs on BBC, FOX, CNBC and CNN. Sooner, I want to sit in my personal library with collections of books behind me, I want to be defined through my library. This has been my driving force, my zeal.

2. TIME: how do you determine worth of a book? It is the willingness of it readers to spend time on reading and understanding it. If it is worth your precious time, then it worth it and this makes it a good read. I have some months to my mid-20 and I aim at reading 150 books before my 30th birthday. To achieve this, it is imperative that I sacrifice two hours reading books every day, I wake up to read between 4:00am to 6:00am daily on weekdays. I spend 4 hours every weekend except I have very important outing that demand my presence, when this occur, it means that I will need to stick to my 2 hours routine. Scoop time, make up time and fight procrastination!

3. SEGMENTATION: this is where I often compromise with my time, remember that time flexibility is very important. If you are not flexible enough, you may break up with books sooner than you envisioned. Let me use 48 Laws of Power as example, I spent 12 days on it because I have learned how to read books segmentally. Actually, it is not how much you consume per day, it is a question of how consistent you are with time. So I took it upon myself to read only 4 laws daily, if it take you more than 2 hours to read 4 laws, please don’t fight it, there is no problem. You need to ensure that you do not read beyond your predetermined chapter limit, violating this intentionally may have nicotine effect on your reading habit. In summary, my number one weapon is to check how voluminous a book is and divide it chapters, it may be one or two chapters per day but I am always consistent with it.

4. DRINKS: be sure to have a bottle of water by your side, it does no harm. Although, I can't claim to have knowledge of science behind reading with water. Sometimes I feel worn-out and tired while reading, water rehydrate my body system. Reading can burn glucose in your body, it can be exhaustive once in awhile.

5 MUSIC: hey! You are not reading to pass college test or examination, relax and have fun. Just to add fun to reading and make it more interesting, creating playlist with carefully selected collections of great music will go a long way. Music does two things for me; (i) It shuts doors against uncontrollable external noise that could distract me from reading. (ii) It lifts my soul and keeps me awake. I have reading playlist on my mobile device just the same way I have it for jogging and relaxation. You don’t want to downplay the power of good music, it helps.
6 READ ‘n’ SHARE: my university professor will say ‘I don’t understand it better if I cannot explain it better.’ Look for like-minded friends online or offline friends that you can share your thought with about books. Most especially, current book that you are reading.
Finally, nothing comes easy in life, so do reading and other activities that hold with it immense benefit for human body, mind and soul. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you don’t get knowledge if you do not beseech it. If you don’t want your brain to grow old at unprecedented rate, you have to start reading now and make it a life long habit.

Strictly dedicated to iThinkers......................

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