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What Auchi Polytechnic Is Missing

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What Auchi Polytechnic Is Missing by
Julius . male On Jun 5, 2016

Many hated you for been good.Many thought you weren't good enough to lead.Where are you Mother?

I must confess we missing you I personally am missing you. Great auchi polites is missing you.Spat students are missing you.So many of us who hoped to school without pain are missing you.

Where are you Mother? We've been in school for six months instead of three to four months for one semester yet no exam.

Now we been denied access into the school premises because most of us could not afford to pay our fees on time. During your time you allowed us write our examination even without payment because you believe Education WA the ultimate.

Where are you Mother?

You always made difficult things look easy for us.
You would go far and wide to make sure we don't embark on strike. When other schools are on strike you made sure Auchi Polytechnic never joined them. You never allowed Fazal securities embarrass the student to the extent of shooting at them.
You always make sure things are done accordingly and appropriately
Where are you Mother?

Now those who never liked you are now placards carrier talking much about you. Now they want you back. Now they wonder how you where able to manage this school for the period you stayed.

From the depth of my Heart to the sole of my foot I must confess that you the best woman God ever created because you did things a man himself can't do.

i was opportune to meet you as my School Rector but I must confess to you and whoever cares to listen that you worth more than a zillion zillion gold/diamond.

Whoever sees her or know her tell her Auchi Polytechnic is no longer the Auchi Polytechnic it use to be.


Julius . male On Jun 5, 2016

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Victor . male 5:04pm On Oct 12

What a touching story! I just remember the old good days. I miss you ma. Dr. Mrs. Phillipa idogho, our second mother.

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