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Abandoned But Most Profitable Niche In Nigeria Today

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Abandoned But Most Profitable Niche In Nigeria Today by
Godwinsilas . male On Jul 15, 2016

The mention of niche is no longer new to bloggers, except you are new to blogging.
In a simple explanation, a niche blogging is a discussion or sharing of specific information targeted to a particular audience, either geographical area, age group, gender or general audience of a common interest.
But in Nigeria, we hardly find bloggers who focus on particular niche. What we have are bloggers who blog on different topics.

In Nigeria you will also notice most of the bloggers are blogging almost the same niche, if am not mistaken 90% of them blog on these niche; Technology, Mobile, Celebrity, Music, Gossip, Entertainment, Politics. This is because they think it's very easy to blog on these niche, and its also profitable. But its not true.

So am going to highlight some of the niche I think its profitable hardly blog about in Nigeria. Please be aware am not going to talk about "abandoned niche" but "abandoned but profitable niche in Nigeria", of which you more money from daily.

1. Sports: Sport is the most sort out news in Nigeria and if you must know, there's no dedicated sport site or blogs in Nigeria currently, i personally have search for this a couple of times, what i get is always a section of site dedicated to sport. But that's not enough, there should be a dedicated one, one of which its all about sport especially Nigeria leagues and different sport in Nigeria which is always underreported by our sport analyst.
How Profitable? If you don't know, Nigeria is sport loving country, there are millions of Nigerians who search for sport news daily, others want to get news concerning local leagues. Now you know why it's placed on number one on my list.

1. Agriculture: Agriculture is another niche abandoned in Nigeria, this maybe because bloggers think it's hard to write on, or its not profitable. But the fact is it's profitable. Yes most of Nigeria farmers are not online, maybe because they are not educated, but what about the educated ones? Nope! They don't wanna farm, farming is for the poor ones. Now this is why Nigeria need bloggers to enlighten and teach our young graduate how to farm, the profits in farming, make them understand the importance of farming.
How Profitable? There are a lot of young Nigeria graduates online looking for work which is not available right now, make them love farming by so doing monetize your blog.

3. Automobile: Right now Nigeria is trying on the aspect of auto manufacturing, but guess what? I've talk with different educated Nigeria, they don't know if Nigeria has any auto manufacturing company, some are hearing it for the first time while others don't even believe it at all. This is because there's no much talk about them.
There are a lot to blog about in autos, problems and their solutions, specifications of latest products, prices, advice and others, bring young manufacturers to limelight by spreading their news.
How Profitable? I've not seen any Nigerian auto blog, so its profitable.

4. Health: I've seen few health blogs by Nigerians, but there are just a lot to talk about concerning our health. Some of them are weight loss, depression, muscle building, healthy baby, good diet, nutrition, hair loss, teeth whitening, trauma etc. So if you are thinking of blogging, you might want to consider health niche.
How Profitable? No matter what happen or where ever we are, we always think about our health, and the quickest way to know what's happening to you is online. So it's very profitable.

5. Food: There are still adult female who don't know how to cook, male who also don't and they wish to know, some are shy to talk about it. And they wanna impress their new found love, where do you think they will go to? Online of course. What about those who wants to explore some cuisine alien to their culture? They'll also search online.
How Profitable? Everyone loves food so its very profitable.

6. Culture: Nigeria is very rich in culture with different backgrounds and festivals, foreigners love to know about them, how will they know it without actually travelling? The answer is the same. Its online.
How Profitable? It will depends on how good you are on this.

7. Public Speaking Do you know that there are a lot of people who like to come online to boost their moral in public speaking? Your blog can be a one stop spot for many, you can give them confidence, prepare them on different ways to speak publicly, impromptu talks, pitching a business to an investor, teaching jobs, preparation for a job interview, knowing their audience and preferred choice of words to use.
These people maybe business men, politicians, hundreds of thousands others and a growing number of people who would like to get public speaking tips online.
All you need is to try and interview some public speakers, comedians, pastors, MCs. Find out a lot about speaking publicly. Publish the interviews on your blog.
How Profitable? Its profitable, you can even be contact for a contract.

8. Fashion: I really don't know if there are dedicated fashion blogs in Nigeria, but I do know Nigerians wants to look good for occasions, meetings, what about guys or babes on a date? They wanna impress someone, even solo walk guys and babes would like to be noticed.
How Profitable? Without no doubt you know this niche is profitable.

Marriage and Family canceling
Baby health
Product review

Advice: Do not delve into any of the above because you know or think its profitable, if you must please make sure you can provide good information or you can write well on any of the niches mentioned.

Success is yours. good evening.

How hard I've hustled, how hard I've tried, how I never gave up, how I wanna succeed.

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