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CELEB CORNER; 20 Facts On Mercy Johnson Marital You May Want To Know.

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CELEB CORNER; 20 Facts On Mercy Johnson Marital You May Want To Know. by
ArtistG.A.S . male On Mar 31, 2017

20 interesting facts about Mercy and Odi Okojie's marriage.

Mercy and her husband Odi met on a plane from France in 2008.

She initially turned him down when he approached her.

He proposed to her in an unconventional way. At a wedding they attended he said, "I think our wedding cake should have a tint of this colour".

Mercy met her husband's parents on their third date.

She stopped taking movie roles with romantic scenes in 2009 because her husband was not too comfortable with it.

She learnt how to speak her husband's native tongue; ishan in 5 months.

Her husband advised her to stop wearing revealing dresses.

Odi doesn't watch Mercy's movies.

Odi sometimes refers to his wife as his 'daughter'.

To keep the spark up in their marriage Mercy dresses in skimpy bum shorts and parades in the room whenever he is around.

Odi admires the fact that Mercy does most of the praying for their family.

Mercy doesn't like the fact that her husband is too truthful, she says it upsets her sometimes.

Odi explained why he named their daughter Purity "My wife has a heart of gold—she is kind and pure. She is without blame or blemish. I decided to name her after the qualities I see in her mum"

When Odi offends Mercy he plays a particular CD and then teases her till she laughs.

The couple run a joint account but Odi made his wife the sole signatory of the funds.

The most memorable moment in their marriage was when they celebrated their third last wedding anniversary and Mercy's birthday at the Virginia Beach, USA.

Mercy says she has no friends, calling her husband her best friend.

Marriage has changed Mercy, saying it has made her to be more patient .

The mother of two says she can give up everything for her husband and children; even her career.

The couple who got married in 2011 when asked to describe love, they said "Love is Mercy and Love is Odi".

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