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Afouda Hunger Initiative Afo-Hi

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Afouda Hunger Initiative Afo-Hi by
ArtistG.A.S . male On Apr 2, 2017

My name is Afouda Samuel, I am a Lawyer by training, I am a broadcaster by profession, I'm a Humour Advocate by vocation and .....the CEO of The Pipu's Network as an entrepreneur. 

I am the 3rd child in a family of 4 children and I am not an orphan, I have never been fatherless neither am I motherless. We've never been extremely broke, but just like ordinary families we've been through ups and downs financially, and let me say we belong to the middle class, maybe a little below the middle.  

One thing I've experienced in my life is HUNGER. I have been without food for days in the midst of plenty. I have stayed in a comfortably furnished apartment without anything edible at all. I'm in a very good position to know that I don't need to get to an orphanage, or locate a destitute to save someone or rescue someone from the jaws of hunger. Likewise I know, it takes the special grace of God for anybody to attain his or her maximum potentials when he or she is hungry.

It's always being a burden on my heart to do something about this thing, but I've always been having several flimsy excuses; I'm yet to make my first million, who do I even know Sef,  I don't even have a car to keep up with possible appointments, I don't even have this, I don't even have that. But now I've realized that I have been wrong all this while and in fact I think I'm ungrateful but now I am ready to give all I have in order to tell the world that no matter where you are, no matter who you are, there is someone very close to you that is hungry, just look out for them and lend a hand.  

To make up for the years I've lost, I have decided to get this simple message across to 30 million people online and 3 million people offline before the 15th of October this year when I will be clocking the big age of 30. 

I have decided to use my small fame, my little money, my ingenuity, my small connection and network of friends, I've resolved to use everything I have including "my you" to make sure I get this message across to everybody.  So I'm expecting you to support me in this course to use whatever you have to make sure that we get this things done and we get this simple message across, the simple message is just that someone close to you is hungry and you just need to look out for such persons and do whatever you can to lend a hand and to help the person.

I am therefore inviting you, to please and please  partner with me, and support me with this initiative called (Afo-Hi) Afouda's Hunger Initiative. It is neither an NGO, a business nor a foundation, it is just a campaign. It's a campaign, use your voice, your own skills, your own talent and your own platform. I will appreciate it greatly, if you can please partner with me on this great dream, with your own creative works; it could be snap shots, it could your songs, your comedy skits, your jingles, your short films, your quotes, your viral videos, your poems, your movies, artworks anything whatever, to get this simple but sensitive message across to 30 million people online and 3 million people offline on or before the 15th of October, 2017.

        If you are convinced this is a worthy course and you will like to be a part of this dream, please kindly follow us on social media, on instagram @afohigram, on twitter @afo_hi, like our facebook page, Afouda's Hunger Initiative and then follow the link on these handles to fill a very simple form online, to indicate how exactly you want to support this dream. It will be a great pleasure to have on what ever you upload #someoneushungry, we will locate it and we will repost it on all of our social media platforms. Thank you so much God bless you, may you never walk alone. 

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