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Colours Of My Rare Gem By Babalola Israel A

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Colours Of My Rare Gem By Babalola Israel A by
ArtistG.A.S . male On Apr 10, 2017


My heart is awake, no sleeping eyes,
I asked myself; he answered,
My lover is come; my beloved is knocking,
Open to me, for my head is wet with dew.

I removed the speck and log in my eyes,
I can see the daffodils of the lover.
You are beautiful; a daisy around dam.
Your lips distil nectar, my soul mate.

Your eyes blinking is like a calling river,
Your eye lashes is far better than the peacock feathers.
The gentle moving of your hair commands the world to be motivated,
Your teeth are like a priceless stones.

You washes my heart with a glance of your eyes,
how sweet is your love.
I'm in limbo until I found the lilac and lily.
My ornaments of gold, engulfed in silver.

Hey! If you find my love; tell lover,
for I am sick of the love.
Come to me and eat your choicest fruit.
Come to the garden and observe the sexy daffodils.
Tell lover! I said,
lover is a rose of the Paradise,
a lily of the valleys,
a lily among lilies; a lily among brambles.

I can see the description of thy hand,
it is surrounded with the royal beads,
it is exactly a beady type,
just like the rose petal of the richest flower.

You are abundantly enriched with beauty of smile,
you spread your smile always,
and it goes further than a thousands mile,
your smile is like a touch stretched to a mirror.

Your mouth contains the gallery of precious stones,
your saliva is like a glitter spread on cards.
Everything about you is precious beyond physical.
Welcome to the platform of Paradise, my lover!

By Babalola Israel A.
All rights reserved.

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