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How To Stop Whatsapp Auto Download

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How To Stop Whatsapp Auto Download by
Godwinsilas . male On Apr 30, 2017

Hey guys! Good morning, I just wanna share this information with you.
I've always read complaints on WhatsApp about data usage, I mean people complain a lot about photos or videos shared, especially in group chat. When anyone share any of these files on the group chat or directly to you it will automatically download without your decision to download it or not. This is very bad for those who have low data subscription.

Sometimes you may be managing your data, soon someone share a large file which will consume your data to download it. Or maybe you don't even want to download it at all.

The reason why your WhatsApp automatically download is because, by default your WhatsApp come with auto-download of files(Photos, Audios, Videos, Documents) enabled(marked). So to stop this you need to unmarked it. How?

Step 1: Click on your WhatsApp Settings
Step 2: Next click on Data usage
Step 3: Next click on When using mobile data
Step 4: Then unmark them all and press ok
You can do this to When connected on WiFi and When roaming. That's all.

Note: Voice chat are always automatically downloaded, but you can still stop it, if it was sent just now, just click on it while its downloading.

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