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Apply For Youth Ignite Program 2017 To Get A Loan For Your Business

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Apply For Youth Ignite Program 2017 To Get A Loan For Your Business by
Godwinsilas . male On May 4, 2017

Do you know you can get fund for your business if you apply for Youth Ignite Initiative Program 2017?

What Is Youth Ignite
Youth Ignite is a program by the Bank of Industry’s (BOI) to address this economic meltdown and to create more jobs by supporting 1 million entrepreneurs to create 5 million jobs over the next 5 years.
Beneficiaries will be trained then given a loan of ₦200,000 (for a start), with ongoing support during the 5 years.

Youthignite main objective is to create new jobs through entrepreneurship by supporting 1 million entrepreneurs over the next 5 years to create 5 million jobs.

Who Will Benefit From This Program?
Talented, creative and dedicated young people who have an existing business or idea that they believe in and are committed to bringing to life.

How To Apply
To apply follow this link then fill in the form

Entries must be submitted online within the specified timeframe and conform to specified guidelines and terms and conditions of participation clearly outlined on this website.

All entries will be reviewed by the Panel of Judges who consist of carefully selected accomplished professionals from all walks of life.

How hard I've hustled, how hard I've tried, how I never gave up, how I wanna succeed.

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