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Reasons Why Nigerians Don't Invest On Business Ideas

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Reasons Why Nigerians Don't Invest On Business Ideas by
Godwinsilas . male On May 12, 2017

Every day many dreams are forgotten, drop or perhaps dead, this is due to lack of funds.
While there are these people lacking money to make their dreams a reality, you have many who have this money stack in one place. They don't know what to invest on or don't want to invest at all.

Nigeria is developing rapidly even though it's slow, many ideas spring up every day, but only few actually turn to something and they become something big.
We have few investors in this country, most of them are not even Nigerians. This is not because Nigerians are poor, it's because they're afraid to invest, they don't know what to invest on, they don't believe in some ideas.

Afraid To Invest
I know many millionaires in this country who waste money on irrelevant project that will not add value to our lives, while there are opportunity everywhere to make more millions from. The money is there, some in their bank accounts. They're afraid "what if the the investment fail?" Well that is not a bad way of thinking but then I don't think or know any business man or woman who has not lose money to bad business before.

Don't Know What To invest On
Another reason why many don't invest is because they don't know what to invest on, they don't know the right idea, they keep asking around and still confused from the answers. It maybe they have invested on wrong business before or they were not patient enough to get the right result. So because of that they become confused, and as such opportunity pass everyday.

Don't Believe In Ideas
No idea is too small or too big to invest on. No idea can be actualized if not open to discussion. Instead of looking down on someone idea, contribute to it, add value to it.

If you're out there and you are still doubting that ideal investment, don't. Investment on it and let it be open for contribution, let ideas flow in in from others. Who knows you maybe investing in the next big thing in Nigeria. Do not be afraid to take a Leap to Fame.

How hard I've hustled, how hard I've tried, how I never gave up, how I wanna succeed.

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