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Has Anyone Ever Think Of Investing On Processing And Packaging Of Kulikuli?

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Has Anyone Ever Think Of Investing On Processing And Packaging Of Kulikuli? by
Godwinsilas . male On May 14, 2017

Well kulikuli is old food and is every where, but I'm talking about something entirely different. This go beyond the normal processing and selling. I mean processing and packaging.

Everyone like packaging, despite the popularity of kulikuli and considering how sweet it is, it's still on relegation, like the food itself is stigmatized. Guys love kulikuli, but then I bet 90% of guys who patronized it do that privately. Reason for that is still unknown since everyone like it.

Now someone out there should think of moving this lovely food from all time relegation, at least give it a little level. Let it stand out among leagues of food. Thereby making a good fortune.

How Possible Is This?
Since kulikuli is very popular it doesn't need much awareness again, all that's needed is the processing, and packaging which is the most important part. Packaging kulikuli make it possible to be accepted by all.
Imagine supplying your packaged kulikuli to supermarket and different stores, imagine the respect it will have, imagine how proud guys will be buying packaged kulikuli, imagine guys buying package kulikuli for bae in outing.

Packaging could range from ₦100, ₦200, ₦500 and ₦1,000. Just like many prestigious biscuit.
For food sake, we should not be shy to purchase kulikuli, as I'm writing now I'm borne along with the inspiration from kulikuli (the one i bought yesterday) with child water. It's very cheap.

How Much Can Start Kulikuli Processing
Well since I'm not into this business, I may not know the exact amount to start with but my guess can be around ₦100 - 200k, from processing to packaging and distributing, and of course to register your product.

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