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Why You Should Have A Payoneer Account As A Nigerian

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Why You Should Have A Payoneer Account As A Nigerian by
Godwinsilas . male On Jul 8, 2017

Well it's not actually important to all Nigerians, but those who are involved in online business, those who wants to make money online. And the fact is there's no boundaries online, so your money making quest will not end or be limited to Nigeria alone, it include foreign money, especially in dollars or pounds.

As you know it pay more earning from foreign programs like Google AdSense, Infolink, Fivere or other affiliate programs like Amazon affiliate program. These companies pay in dollars. But one thing is sure, you will be at loss withdrawing these money to Nigeria banks.

Take for example, the conversion rate of dollar to naira as of today is ₦365 per one dollar, your bank rate is around ₦306. That's more ₦50 removed from your hard earned money, though it's small but if you times it with how much dollars you're want to exchange you will understand what I mean. So if you have a Payoneer account, it's best you set your payment option to Payoneer in any of the program you're into, and sell your Payoneer funds at a reasonable price.

What about those who make purchase online, like shopping for goods, hosting, buying domain, softwares, ebooks, paying for other services?

Just in case you don't know you can't buy, shop online, or use Nigeria issued bank cards outside Nigeria to pay for any services. When I mean outside Nigeria, that include the nearby countries like Benin republic, Togo or Ghana. Thanks to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for making sure Nigerians can't trade with their card in foreign lands.

Just last year 2016, my renewal card for Leapfame hosting was rejected by Namecheap because of CBN policy on Nigeria issued bank cards, for some days my site was down until I paid someone to help me fund my Namecheap account using Payoneer Card.

So now if you are into making transactions online outside Nigeria, or receiving money outside Nigeria, you need Payoneer Card.

Payoneer offers global payment solutions to international companies, with presence in more than 200 countries, trading in more than 150 currencies of the world. You receive money from anywhere in the world including bank transfer, wire transfer, and can also send money from your account to your local bank account. Transfer is also possible within Payoneer customers (transfer between one Payoneer account to another).

With Payoneer account you can receive money from international companies you run business with online, while Payoneer also issue a prepaid Card to their customers, which can be use anywhere in the world. You can withdraw cash from ATM (ATMs that pay in dollars), shop online, pay for services or buy something online with Payoneer issued Card.

Payoneer also issues US virtual bank accounts to interested users and they are linked to users’ cards which you can receive payments from online platforms that pay through the direct deposit (ACH) option.

Now if you're a freelancer, blogger or run any site that you monetized, affiliate programs or have foreign merchant? It's time to get your own Payoneer Card free.

How hard I've hustled, how hard I've tried, how I never gave up, how I wanna succeed.

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